What to Wear for Your Session

What NOT to wear

The things to avoid are:
  • Extremely bright colours
  • Large logos and slogans
  • Shorts
  • Short sleeves
  • Bold patterns
All of these distract the viewers attention away from the faces.
Ok, so we’ve covered the things not to wear, so what’s left? 
If you’re being photographed as part of a group you should try and coordinate so you all wear colours that go together well. Decide in advance if you will be wearing shoes or will be barefoot.
When it comes to portraits you need to be comfortable. Your body language and facial expression will show if you’re not comfortable and this will show in your photographs. For best results we suggest that you choose a style of clothing that you wear regularly.
Make sure that anything you wear is clean and freshly pressed – you don’t want to be looking at unsightly creases and stains in your photos!
Textures such as chunky knits or lace can work well and can add a real depth to your photograph.
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